Meadow Brook Farms is a family farm that dates back to the 1700's when William Penn signed a land grand to our ancestors. Dairy was the primary focus until the farm became idle around 1990, but in 2002 the next generation began raising crops and beef. Hay and straw production was small at first, but sales quickly grew and almost overnight demand exceeded supply.


Black Angus beef cattle are an integral part of the farm utilizing every acre of pasture and extra hay bale we have to offer. The herd has grown substantially and provides a sustainable balance to our operations. To lean more about our beef product line visit our sister website


 2003 - We began purchasing hay and straw from a variety of suppliers located in Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Montana, Canada and New York. The Finger Lakes region of New York provides the majority of our imported supply. Shavings, wood pellet and straw pellet bedding was added to our product line in 2003. Our market territory primarily consists of southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware with the occasional shipment to Costa Rica.


 2013 - We started growing specialty grains to supply local distilleries and a stone ground flour mill. Today they make some of the best food and drinks we can shove in our mouth!


2016 - One of our beloved hay farmers in New York decided to retire and rent us some land, barns and equipment so we could continue supplying that awesome finger lakes hay to our customers.


2018 - We began hauling horse manure as we noticed an opportunity to better serve our customers.